The Empire at War

There are some names I don’t expect to be listed on the same page as. Peter F Hamilton. Neal Asher. The greatly, greatly missed Iain M Banks.

Excitingly, I find myself included in a list of British military sf authors here:

The anthology is seriously lovely with four novels by Christopher G Nuttall, Phillip Richards, P P Corcoran and Tim Taylor, plus artwork by Andy Bigwood. There’s also a mouth-watering amount of additional material. I’m looking forward to getting a copy at Mancunicon, properly signed and ready for the Special Books display!

About Jo Zebedee

Born and raised in Northern Ireland, I write science fiction and fantasy stories, sometimes in Northern Ireland, most often in my space opera world of Abendau.

I’ve been writing for four years and my first novel, Abendau’s Heir, is now available – a dark, character-focused space opera.

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