ABENDAU’S HEIR (Inheritance Trilogy, book one)

..yes this is Star Wars brought to the new future. A page turner and definitely a wonderful author. Looking forward to the next book – Oludare Senbore

Abendau’s Heir has exactly what I was looking for: well developed characters, shocking plot twists, and some great action. Last but not least, there were some heartbreaking moments. Literally, at one point, I messaged the author and said: You broke my heart. I can’t imagine that this is the last of the story. Mostly because it’s called the Inheritance Trilogy. I look forward to Zebedee’s next release. Do yourself a favor, pick up this book and give it a read.
– Amazon Customer


Abendau’s Heir is the first in a trilogy by debut novelist, Jo Zebedee. It follows the story of Kare, the son of a ruthless Empress who has been chosen to lead after her, and his struggle to escape her clutches and bring freedom to the empire. This is a hard-hitting novel that pulls no punches when looking at the consequences of putting your head above the parapet and standing up to a dictator. Kare’s character is developed in psychological detail from childhood to freedom fighter, with a well-drawn cast of back-up characters behind him. The writing style is clear and concise, with little in the way of purple prose, and the story takes the familiar SF path of good vs evil, but with believable, rounded characters on both sides.

This book could function as a standalone, with a sufficiently satisfying end, but it raises enough questions for a series. I’m looking forward to the next. – Alex Seranno



SUNSET OVER ABENDAU (Inheritance trilogy, book two)


It’s not often that a reader sees the second book in a series outshine the first in so many ways. I highly recommend the first book in the series and despite how dark it felt to me it is one amazing premier novel for an author. For those who haven’t read Abendau’s Heir, I suggest you get to it quickly so you can better enjoy the second book. And for those who have read the first book-you’ll love this one more. – J L Dobias

It is rare to find stories in the speculative fiction genre that have satisfying intrigue, human dynamics and still move at a good pace. With Sunset Over Abendau, Jo Zebedee has very casually nailed that and in the process created a very compelling read. The characters introduced in Abendau’s Heir come fully to life here and the already high quality of the writing has shifted up another gear. Highly recommended.– Amazon Customer


an impressive book from a talented young UK author we should be celebrating. SOA feels much more complete and sophisticated than AH, and represents another step forwards for Zebedee. With the third book on the horizon, I hope she continues on her path onwards and upwards. – McNonk






This is an exceptional novel. The pace is incredible, with hard-hitting characters, and a powerful plot. It’s also intelligent, and cleverly juxtaposes the sectarianism of Northern Ireland with that of two different alien races with interests on Planet Earth. – Brian Turner,


When I started to read this book I thought I wouldn’t like it. I am so glad I persevered after a while I couldn’t put it down, easy to read, sensible in its weirdness . I would recommend it to all who are prepared to give a little. – Peter Rich


Held me completely in its thrall. Nothing got done today as I read the book in its entirety. One of the best books I have read. – J Connor


Alien invasions are a common enough theme in sf, but Inish Carraig sets itself apart – the setting is in and around a post-invasion, devasted Belfast, the streets almost familiar to those of a certain age given the media coverage decades ago.

The characters are all, in their own ways, survivors in a world with new masters and rarely do they (or the reader) know who to trust or who will betray them in a fast plot that twists and turns each chapter.

An excellent read and one to keep on the bookshelf or e-reader. – K Jackson



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