August 2016 It’s been a busy few months, much of it captured on my blog, but I thought bringing it all into one place would be good.

Short stories – I’ve had quite a bit of fun with new short stories. The Story of the Ten, a mashup of storytelling and military sf, appeared in New Con Press’s 10th anniversary collection, Crises and Conflicts. A really lovely book, nicely produced, with a great range of stories, it’s a great read.

Coming up, the exciting new Woodbridge Press have had a number of themed anthologies released or planned. I’m in the next – Explorations: Beyond the Wormhole. My story in it is great fun and, I expect, quite different from most others. Keep an eye for it, and for more from Woodbridge.

I then have one to write for a fun project, which will cover the actual invasion that led to the events in Inish Carraig. I have it planned out and hope it will be good craic.

So, novels. Those big old things. Well, I’m nearing the end of edits for Abendau’s Legacy, which feels odd. I’ve been in this world so long, it will be hard to say goodbye to Kare and company. I’ve also been working hard on Waters and the Wild, due for release in 2017, and can’t wait to show off the very lovely cover for it. I’m excited by the story that’s forming up.

I’ve had one novel undergo the audio treatment to date – Abendau’s Heir, available on audible – and now have two more being produced by Garcom media who already have the rights to Abendau, and have now acquired the rights to Inish Carraig as well.

When one world closes another should open, right? I have no idea when my next release will be. I have two new books/novellas to finish and find homes for – which might, or might not be, self-published. I like the model but am very time-poor. After I have two ideas eating at me that I’d like to properly start. So, I look like I will be busy.

Especially since I’m trying to transfer my existing professional skills to writing. I have my first course coming up on 18 September, and have recently began coaching other writers. Follow me on twitter @joz1812 to be kept up to date.

Lastly, conventions! I’m becoming an addict! As well as spending a fantastic week with the John Hewitt summer school as a bursary student, I’ll be a guest at Titancon in Belfast over the last weekend in September, and then high-tailing it to Dublin for Octocon over the weekend of the 14th October. If you’re there, say hi!


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