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Want to be kept up to date with events, launches, new releases and have access to exclusive content? I now have a mailing list (get me!) over in the Newsletter tab.

I won’t spam you, since I hate being spammed, but will occasionally drop in a short story as well as bits and pieces about my books. From time to time, I hope to giveaway the odd freebie. Like, I don’t know – teleport bracelets made with sticky-back plastic. Or, books. Or… Who knows?

My first story, The Wishing Bridge, goes up in August 2016 and I hope to put more up as time goes on. I’d love you to join up and see what you think of it.



About Jo Zebedee

Born and raised in Northern Ireland, I write science fiction and fantasy stories, sometimes in Northern Ireland, most often in my space opera world of Abendau.

I’ve been writing for four years and my first novel, Abendau’s Heir, is now available – a dark, character-focused space opera.

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