Inish Carraig – available at new outlets!

The world of writing constantly changes. Up until now I’ve sold online exclusively through the Amazon Kindle outlet. That’s changed this week (for various reasons I’ll not bore about, but I’d like to see more competition in the book world and worry where the Amazon dominance will eventually take authors entirely reliant on them).

So, now, Inish Carraig can be picked up at the following links:;jsessionid=FBBF3CA1756566D75F774A694D3A5585.prodny_store01-atgap08?ean=2940153530574

As well as on Page Foundary, Scribd and Tolino.


At the moment, as well as all the above, I’m busy with final edits of Waters and the Wild, coming out next year with Inspired Quill, and really pleased with how the final version is shaping up, and I’ve just started something new, kindly funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland through the National Lottery. It’s only a baby, but it feels good.


After that – drumroll, please – I’m going to get started on a sequel to Inish Carraig. I’m excited, partly because – in a Blues Brothers like fashion – I’m putting the band back together (in this case the editorial team of Jeff Richards and Sam Primeau)


About Jo Zebedee

Born and raised in Northern Ireland, I write science fiction and fantasy stories, sometimes in Northern Ireland, most often in my space opera world of Abendau.

I’ve been writing for four years and my first novel, Abendau’s Heir, is now available – a dark, character-focused space opera.

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