Happy New 2016 and all that there!

I’ve been a busy little writing lady. Whilst my blog has been updated regularly, the website needed a bit of an update.

So, news! Abendau, first and the exciting news that Abendau’s Heir is now an Amazon bestseller in Space Opera knocking, for a heady day, Star Force Force Awakens off the number one spot.

Sunset Over Abendau is getting its nice shiny edits and then it’ll be ready for release at the end of March 2016. I’ll be getting straight into book three then with a view to release in the Autumn


Inish Carraig – not to be outdone by its big brother, Inish Carraig also topped the charts, this time in Alien Invasion.


Which means I’m a double Amazon bestseller! Excitement.


And, lastly, a new book to mention – Waters and the Wild, a dark fairytale, has been picked up by Inspired Quill for a 2017 release.


All very exciting!

About Jo Zebedee

Born and raised in Northern Ireland, I write science fiction and fantasy stories, sometimes in Northern Ireland, most often in my space opera world of Abendau.

I’ve been writing for four years and my first novel, Abendau’s Heir, is now available – a dark, character-focused space opera.

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