The Empire at War

There are some names I don’t expect to be listed on the same page as. Peter F Hamilton. Neal Asher. The greatly, greatly missed Iain M Banks.

Excitingly, I find myself included in a list of British military sf authors here:

The anthology is seriously lovely with four novels by Christopher G Nuttall, Phillip Richards, P P Corcoran and Tim Taylor, plus artwork by Andy Bigwood. There’s also a mouth-watering amount of additional material. I’m looking forward to getting a copy at Mancunicon, properly signed and ready for the Special Books display!


I’ve had fun podcasting – see more about it in my blog – and here are my two shiny podcasts: –  I had great craic chatting to Rob Matheny and Philip Overby, about all sorts including my approach to writing, Irish curse words and why the word wee has no opposite. – and here I talk about what makes me happy. Which included knocking Star Wars off number one spot in the Uk Amazon charts

Events, interviews and general chaos

A couple of things coming up:

8 March, in conjunction with International Women’s Day, I’ll be joining Women Aloud, a day celebrating female writing in Northern Ireland. Everything about it can be found here and I’ll be in Easons Donegall Place that day, launching Inish Carraig into retail, as well as chatting on the radio and doing a reading that night at No Alibis bookstore. Busy day!


The GrimTidings Podcast – this awesome podcast, hosted by Rob Matheny, is going to be featuring my dark little imaginings. It’s recording this week and I’ll release more when dates and what not have been confirmed.



Happy New 2016 and all that there!

I’ve been a busy little writing lady. Whilst my blog has been updated regularly, the website needed a bit of an update.

So, news! Abendau, first and the exciting news that Abendau’s Heir is now an Amazon bestseller in Space Opera knocking, for a heady day, Star Force Force Awakens off the number one spot.

Sunset Over Abendau is getting its nice shiny edits and then it’ll be ready for release at the end of March 2016. I’ll be getting straight into book three then with a view to release in the Autumn


Inish Carraig – not to be outdone by its big brother, Inish Carraig also topped the charts, this time in Alien Invasion.


Which means I’m a double Amazon bestseller! Excitement.


And, lastly, a new book to mention – Waters and the Wild, a dark fairytale, has been picked up by Inspired Quill for a 2017 release.


All very exciting!

Inish Carraig update!

We have lift off! Inish Carraig is on Amazon for preorders and will be released on 21.8.15. It’ll also be out in paperback and available at Easons and Waterstones in Belfast. Huzzah!


I’ve had a crazy month of firsts:

Signing session and reading in public – at Waterstones. It was a blast!

Newspaper interview and photo shoot – an hiur! Talking about my book. Bliss…

And most exciting of all – my first top 10 bestsellers list! Number 10.

I won’t get any of them back. I want to remember and savour them all.

World tour!

So, we’ve ended up with a tour. Have a look on Facebook and Twitter and see where the book ends up!

Free books!

Firstly, a free signed paperback available here until 15th May:


And, when I get to 100 posts on my fbook page, a free ebook goes winging its way.

Waterstones launch

Thursday 14th May, Waterstones Belfast!

Signing and a reading. The reading will involve a sexy space pilot. Also there, the Emerald Garrison.

Refreshments supplied.

Come on, it’ll be good craic.