CAMPBELL AWARD – Bibliography


Abendau’s Heir, book one of the Inheritance trilogy:

Inish Carraig:

Sunset Over Abendau:

Abendau’s Legacy:

Waters and the Wild (Inspired Quill, 2017)


Ain’t No Ghosts Here: Silver Threads of Coralline (listed as a recommended read by Ellen Datlow, 2015)

The Story of the Ten

The Gates of the Temple


Short stories:

A Crime of Intelligence (winner, 2014, story of the year):

The Nymph of Hampstead Heath:

Strong Arms That Hold:

The Bridge of Souls:

Irish Fiction Friday EXCLUSIVE – Jo Zebedee’s ‘Namesake’.


Guest posts and blogs:

Jo Zebedee on writing – Being Chosen

[GUEST POST] Jo Zebedee (ABENDAU’S HEIR) Asks: Should SFF Have a Funny Bone?

Guest post: Those tricky trilogies by Jo Zebedee

Staying Close – How To Write In Close Point Of View



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