Hi, and welcome to my little part of the virtual universe.

I’m a science fiction and fantasy writer based near Belfast. As well as my extensive Space Opera world, Abendau, I write genre books set in and around Northern Ireland.

Best known for Inish Carraig, set after an alien invasion of Belfast, my first fantasy book, Waters and the Wild, was released by Inspired Quill in 2017.

I’m currently writing the sequel to Inish Carraig, in which I destroy yet more of her native land, and the first of a paranormal crime series set in Donegal.

As well as my novels, I blog here, mixing writing advice, motivational blogs and business modelling for writers. It’s also the best place to keep up to date with what I’m up to, and any news I have. I also deliver courses in writing speculative fiction, and provide coaching services to writers. And I have a day job. Occasionally, I think a clone might be a useful thing to have around.



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