Events and launches and fizzy wine!

I have a busy few weeks coming up and a lot of events.

Next weekend I’ll be at Titancon at the Wellington Park Hotel.
On Friday 30th September, I’ll be reading at their literature night (a fun little short called Ain’t No Ghosts, unless I change my mind again).
On Saturday 1st October, I’m on panels talking about subjects as diverse as writing the fae in the modern world, dystopia and wimmin’s business. Oh, and having a crack at 8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown. Plus wearing a beard.

Then, on Sunday 16th October I’ll be heading down to Octocon in Dublin. Programme details etc to follow.

After that, it’s launch party madness. Abendau’s Legacy is out on 24th October (and you can pre-order a copy here and save a quid:
We’ll be having a Facebook launch – follow me on @joz1812 on Twitter for more updates, or on Facebook:

I’m also getting out to actually meet people, at which there will be fizzy wine! The launch is on 3rd November at Easons Donegall Place, Belfast, during the late night shopping. Pop along, say hi and grab some Xmas pressies while you’re at it.

Also coming up (because, you know, I have so little to do) are the audio versions of Inish Carraig and Sunset Over Abendau, both in production, and a short story in a new anthology, Space, from Tickety Boo Press. Also, I hope, a new collection of short stories and a novella being released in the spring.

Phew. I’m tired just typing that! Come along, if you can.

Abendau’s Legacy now on pre-order!

legacy-small2And it’s doing well – big thanks to any Chronners who’ve already picked it up. There’s a pound/dollar off on pre-order and it will wing its way to your kindle on 24th October.

‘Kare’s a different man than when he last faced his mother. He knows what she is capable of if she regains her galactic Empire. Planets will be destroyed for their rebellion. She will hunt and destroy him and everyone he loves.

He learned from when she hurt him, hoping to break him. He returns to Abendau, the city he hates, to confront her for the final time, and decide Abendau’s destiny.’



Keep up with all that’s happening

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I won’t spam you, since I hate being spammed, but will occasionally drop in a short story as well as bits and pieces about my books. From time to time, I hope to giveaway the odd freebie. Like, I don’t know – teleport bracelets made with sticky-back plastic. Or, books. Or… Who knows?

My first story, The Wishing Bridge, goes up in August 2016 and I hope to put more up as time goes on. I’d love you to join up and see what you think of it.




Upcoming events – find me at!


Workshop delivery – Ballyeamon barn, 18 September 2016, talking all things speculative.


Titancon  –


Octocon –

On tour again!

Well, March has been and gone, and Sunset Over Abendau is out and getting some great reviews. Which means it’s time for the World Tour! We had great fun with this last year, with pictures coming in from all over the world – Brazil, Japan, Canada, Australia, all over Europe and through the U.k. As a bonus, the best photo will win a copy of Abendau’s Legacy – so take a photo of the book somewhere exotic (or not) and tweet, email, or tag me on Facebook and I’ll load it up on the album.